What do we do?

At BRACKETS we are absolutely obsessed with system interconnecting. Why? Because real value is not hidden inside data but rather how the data interacts and works together. By interconnecting your systems we open new opportunities to utilize data more effectively.

We love API

  • Want all your customers in one place? We can connect your e-shop with a CRM system.
  • Your CRM will be connected to a newsletter system, so you can efficiently and effectively communicate with your customers.
  • We can even connect the newsletter system to an e-shop for better targeting - so you can address specific customers and offer them directly-focused campaigns.

Interconnecting systems

Today almost all systems have API. API helps a system to interconnect with other systems - and so creates new opportunities for the better, more effective and easier utilization of system cooperation. Have a quick look at an example of the functioning of different systems.

See how we connected the Nutriklub community portal with a ticketing system, CRM system and e-shop. We connected the Hravě zdravě e-shop with multiple systems: storing, CRM, as well as services such as Heureka, Aukro and Seznam.

System expansion

Only have minimal special system requirements? In that case it’s better to use various current solutions. After all, why spend time and resources reinventing the wheel when the hard work has already been done? We can find a current solution, and give it some adjustments and tweaks so that it fits your purpose perfectly. By benefiting from current knowledge, you can use your energy and budget on other business issues.

Our team will support you in analyzing the potential of current solutions. Together we will explore alternative avenues of expansion – then we will adjust, tweak, fine-tune and finally roll out the solution to meet your business needs.

See how we expanded the Harvest productivity measurement system and added new functionalities. We added an Age Gate function, to the Instagram so the content of a chosen profile can be age restricted – in this case only for adults.

Bespoke solutions

Haven’t found quite what you’re looking for? Maybe your requirements are a little more specific so you’re considering another system expansion?

Our team can prepare a bespoke solution that is precisely designed to meet your needs. The developed system will fill the void in your system infrastructure, and will provide the functionality to support your future business plans. You also get maximum flexibility to subsequently adjust and expand the delivered system.

We have extensive experience with the development of such systems. For example, the Hravě zdravě e-shop needed something far beyond a standard one-size-fits-all e-commerce system: a bespoke approach was the solution.