Nutriklub | 2014
  • Portal for expectant and new mothers
  • Personalized content and newsletters
  • On-line professional advisory center
  • Baby’s diary
  • CRM system and e-shop connection

Nutriklub is a portal catering to mothers’ needs. Plenty of articles cover pregnancy, birth and a child’s development. Experience and support can be shared with other mothers.

Modern responsive design

At Nutriklub mothers can find numerous educational and entertaining applications. For example, Baby’s Diary allows mothers to add happy moments and milestones in their child’s life. The application becomes a digital diary of the baby, which can be printed for relatives anytime.

As well as other mothers’ recommendations, users can read advice from professionals and pediatricians. Questions come from aggregated communication channels (e-mail, online chat, telephone). The advisory center’s staff can see all requests in one place.

A lot of articles about pregnancy and baby's first steps

Nutriklub is connected to the CRM system – so the client has all users in one place. Logged-in users are automatically logged into other systems using the Nutriklub registration. For example Hravě zdravě e-shop allows mothers one-click shopping directly from Nutriklub.