Instagram Age Gate | SABMiller | 2015
  • Age-gate Instagram add-on
  • Unlimited number of protected profiles
  • Access reporting

Using the Instagram social network, for SABMiller we developed a blocking system to disable access to content restricted by minor-users legislation.

IAG - Final step

Because Instagram - unlike Facebook and Twitter - doesn’t allow age-based profile blocking, we approached the challenge with fresh thinking. Instagram allows you to set your profile as private. So you decide whether you allow someone’s request to follow you.

Using this functionality, first we determine the user’s date of birth. Exactly the same method (Age Gate) is standard on the company’s website. So if a user is of legal age, access is granted to restricted content.

IAG - Provide your date of birth

We developed a system which does all this automatically. Users looking for the Instagram profile click the link in a profile description, and then enter their date of birth. If of legal age, the system automatically makes the profile content available. For the user, this method is simple and intuitive.

We developed a generic solution for SABMiller. Now the client - without any further expenditure - can add more Instagram accounts for various brands in different countries where Age Gate is required. Everything is set up and running in minutes.