Hravě zdravě e-shop | 2013
  • E-shop for toddlers' and children's food
  • Serving two countries
  • Tailored, fitting the existing architecture
  • Interconnected with CRM and a newsletter system
  • Linked with Heureka, Seznam and Aukro

Healthy easily is a robustly tailored e-commerce site, selling Nutrilon and Hami food for toddlers and children. The request was to set the design into the current system architecture - so a bespoke solution was the way forward. The client already had systems such as CRM, and a newsletter and stock system – and an interlinking e-shop was requested.

Hravé zdravě - Homepage

Healthy easily users are automatically saved into the CRM system - so the client always has different system users together. CRM is easily connectable, for example with the newsletter system.

"All our products and orders are managed together in one place, making our work easier and saving time." Sandra Šubertová, B2C Manager

The e-shop is connected to a stock system that was used for the client’s selling channels before. So now the logistics department always has detailed info about Healthy easily’s stock levels.

Hravé zdravě - Produkty

The e-shop also utilises third-party e-sales channels such as and Orders can be seen from all selling channels in one place, enabling simple order management, statistics and reports. The discount system allows various special offers to be launched – both standard discounts and offers targeting customer behaviour.

Healthy easily is a comprehensive software solution that is tailored for the client’s current infrastructure system.