Harvest management system

TRIAD | 2014
  • Connection to invoice system
  • Connection to project management system
  • Synchronization with additional Harvest accounts

Harvest is a tool to measure productivity aimed at SMEs. It enables users to create and sort projects by clients. Employees can subsequently measure the time spent on each project. Measured data can be used for reports, statistics and invoices.

Harvest platform

Sounds great. But Harvest was lacking some key functionalities. Because it offers relatively abundant API, we connected it to:

  • an intrinsic invoice system which expands Harvest’s invoicing opportunities,
  • our own project management tool which allows every assignment to measure the time required until solution (time measured directly in Harvest),
  • other Harvest accounts as a solution for measuring sources between various company branches.

Instead of our own solution development, we saved our resources and acquired the complex company management platform.