About us

BRACKETS was established at the TRIAD – a Slovak Top 10 advertising agency founded in 2005. TRIAD currently has 70 employees in our Bratislava and Prague divisions.

BRACKETS started out as an advertising agency department that created product microsites and web presentations. We gradually moved into the production of complex software solutions and systems, and increasingly further away from advertising agency work. So BRACKETS was founded as a separate business specializing exclusively in software solutions, systems development and their mutual interconnecting.

What systems we develop?

Agile systems

We use agile approaches and methodologies. We work with you really closely in consulting every development step with you. And the SCRUM method gives you an on-going overview of the phase of system development so we can better understand the functionality and find potential errors and drawbacks.

Responsive systems

You expect system access from any of your devices. That’s why we emphasize responsiveness - ensuring uniform visual style and functionality with every resolution.

Good UX essentially defines the quality of every system - period. User-friendly UX allows you to easily navigate your way around a system and quickly understanding its components.

Reactive systems

We create reactive systems that – compared to standards – are scalable. So they adjust to variable load easily, working fast and staying agile even with heavier user load and bigger data stream.