Come [inside]

Look inside BRACKETS and you’ll find bright analytical minds, savvy software engineers, and ingenious business analysts with a great track record of successful projects.

And if you look even closer, you’ll see a distinctly human touch behind the slick exterior. We love tech – and we also love to live life to the full. And it’s this symbiotic balance between function and fun that makes us who we are and which adds value to our outcomes.

Our values

Work and live

We love our work, and we also believe there’s more to life than the 9-to-5. We work hard and set challenging targets – but we also know that less stress is a better benefit than free beer (most of the time).

Do what you love

We hire talents, but more importantly we hire passion. This gives us the power to create new things everyday.

Grow together

We continually learn and develop - by attending conferences, sharing knowledge, and teaching each other. Each new employee gets a senior partner to mentor faster learning and smoother adaptation. And in turn, senior team members can also consult with other members in a 360° process of mutual growth and support.

Solution first, then tech

We never start with technology. We deploy the right tech for the right use case – and that’s exactly why we seek all-round problem solvers rather than coders.

Meet us

Mlynské nivy 16, 811 09 Bratislava

You’ll find us at HubHub – a vibrant startup ecosystem that gives us the opportunity to meet the very brightest minds and be at the forefront of innovations.

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