UX & Design, Copywriting

Creating user interface that looks and tastes great.


UP Slovensko is a leading employee card brand. Its mission is to make life of people more pleasant and help them eat more healthy and various. Therefore we created Don Appetit, a site that promotes the best Slovak and Czech restaurants with their menus, events and most up to date informations.

We were asked to create UX of the website.

Meet Don Appetit

Important part of the new Look and Feel is the character of Don Appetit. As a real foodlover, he guides the users through the whole website. He recommend the culinary events, best restaurants and news.

We created his whole character, from design, animation and the tone of voice.

Find the best food

Crucial for the experience is the search function. It’s searches seamlessly in diverse restaurans and their menus. Results are displayed in map and grid.

Yummy details

This part of the website is managed completely by restaurant owners. We created a place, that look good, with very different types of content.

Crunchy content

Don Appetit is a all in one place for foodlovers.
It connects content from various sources and puts it all together. You can explore food events and news in your neighbourhood or read the latest culinary blogs.

Get a taste of the design system

Our UX work continued to design and copywriting of the whole website. The design system we created is the cornerstone of the whole project.

Buttons & Inputs